As a part of the ongoing educational program, I have decided to add Foreign Languages Courses to the portfolio of services offered by the House Of Flutes. There are many similar benefits of learning the instrument and another language. These benefits are: memory boost, mastering the problem solving the critical thinking skills, ability to multitask - just to name a few. All Classes will be taught individually or in small groups by David Maizels, who is a graduate of Middlebury College Language Program and a student at the Penn State Abington.  Classes will start from the September of 2019. 

Following languages will be offered:

  • Chinese Beginners level

  • Japanese Beginners Level

  • Japanese Intermediate Level

  • Italian Beginners Level

  • German Beginners

  • German Intermediate

  • German Advanced

     1 Hour Language Class $30                                                                                        Monthly tuition for Language Classes - $150                             

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